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Struggling to Find Success? Struggle No More!

Z-Health® the Science of Hope

Chronic pain fixed, range of motion restored

We understand that not everyone fits the cookie cutter approach to fitness & health. You didn't fail! The approach failed you! You still have pain, no energy, and/or don't move well. Don't give up just yet! Try one more time with a really new approach using the latest neuro research. It will be unlike most everything you've tried before. You'll learn to listen for what your body is saying about what to do & not do, how many, how fast, how long in combo with what. Your effort can affect your present and lead to a better future. Hire your new personal trainer in your home or gym in Fairfield, Easton, Westport, Stratford, Trumbull or other nearby towns in CT. Finally find functional coaching.

Knowledgeable Training Personalized Methods

Robbie Pack Fairfield Personal Trainer

Robbie Pack, your new personal trainer, has had years of training & personal experience utilizing neuroplasticity for all your health and fitness goals, but without the usual disappointing outcomes! For you, it will be a fresh, new approach that's potentially SUCCESSFUL with your special needs too! Robbie knows what it's like to have pain, do everything her docs said, only to be told it will never get better, & still feel worse. Now she knows how to feel better, function better, and looks forward to the future. 

Would you like to try one more time with this new way too?

Your new trainer really cares about your success!

Seniors showing improvement, not decline.

Whether you're 8, 18 or 81, you can have a healthier future with better movement, less pain, and better thinking. 

But did you know you can see, hear and balance better too? 

How about ways to relax and get better sleep?

Whether you have special needs or just want to improve on your success, 

Fairfield Personal Trainer is your personal neuro trainer in Fairfield County, CT

Connect with the Science of Hope!

Contact Robbie Pack

at Fairfield Personal Trainer, about using Z-Health neurology based health & fitness techniques.

Robbie Pack, the most highly trained Z-Health® Movement Performance Specialist in Fairfield County, completed all 12 courses in the Z-Health® curriculum. Robbie is available for all ages for fitness, pain & injury issues, and most special needs. She especially loves working with those who have struggled to find success with exercise or need hope for the future. Where others trainers said oh no, Robbie says let's see what your brain says and finds practical ways tailored specifically for you.

Fairfield Personal Trainer

29 Cherry Hill Rd, Fairfield CT, USA. Training you in Fairfield, Easton, Westport, Weston, Stratford, and Trumbull, CT

(203) 374-1221 or ctpack2@aol.com

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Neurologically Based Personal Training, Special Needs, Children, Adults, even Seniors. Parkinson's, ADHD, Deaf, Blind, Mobility Impaired, Concussion Recovery, Cognitive Impairment, Developmental Delays, Asthma, etc. etc.; Whether Simple or Complex... for Better Vision, Balance, Movement (mobility and sports) Breathing, Stamina, Exercise,..Life! 

Client testimonial

Not only is Robbie one of the nicest, most upbeat people you’ll ever have the pleasure of coming into contact with, but through the simple drills she taught me during our first meeting she was able to make the lower back pain that I’ve been constantly suffering with for many years disappear. And I didn’t even break a sweat! 


*What makes Z-Health Performance Systems techniques different from what regular personal trainers use? We use seemingly simple exercises that utilize complex brain pathways to meet your goals.

*Besides Z-Health courses, what makes Robbie different? Extensive experience in medical, educational and developmental studies as well as extensive experience with special needs populations seasoned with humor and faith for a better future for you.

*Where can I work with you? Fairfield Personal Trainer will meet in private homes, gyms, schools, programs, offices, and clubs. Robbie offers private, semi-private and small group sessions in Fairfield County and parts of New Haven County in CT. 

*Do you offer package rates? Yes. Rates vary due to travel time and the number of  people in a session. Call for specifics to your location. 

*Why did you start Fairfield Personal Trainer? I started taking Z-Health classes for my own needs. I had several issues and was going down-hill fast despite my best efforts. When I heard about  Z-Health, folks said it's so different, I don't understand how it works. I was desperate and willing to try it for myself and find out. I saw improvement in my first class. It was so individualized. I learned to check if my body liked a drill, hated it, and how to change it to make it ok. Then I couldn't learn more locally. It had made such a difference for me that I went to Boston (& later NYC & AZ) to learn firsthand. I wondered if I could handle that level of physical learning. I survived, then began to thrive, learned why it works, and  completed the entire curriculum of 12 certification courses. Friends saw how much I'd changed, improved, found hope. They started asking me if I could show them what I was learning. It's turned into a passion to help others have a healthy future rather than just accepting the "ravages of time," from  the challenges of life no matter your age, disease, handicap, age, or injury. I'm improving with my years and my health. I'd like to offer that to you, your child, friend, and/or your spouse with the science of hope, health, function, fun and fitness.

I'd love to answer your questions and show you how Fairfield Personal Trainer can make a difference for you or your loved one. Feel free to call  me, Robbie Pack, your Fairfield Personal Trainer,  203-374-1221.